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“Assume that you are the expert

on your own experience and that you have information

which other people need to hear.”

– Ricky Sherover-Marcuse




Would conversations about the changes life is presenting to you be helpful?

Are you enjoying your preferred way of living? Is depression, anxiety, fear, anger, a dysfunctional relationship preventing you from finding peace?

RE-AUTHORING STORIES of the past ( familial and cultural)  stops the past as it tries to manage your present and future life.

RE-AUTHORING STORIES of the current cultural stereotypes of race, sex/gender, aging, etc., provides new pathways in your present and designs your future.

RE-AUTHORING STORIES promotes movement and change beyond behavioral changes.

This LIFE ALTERING work is an option with NARRATIVE THERAPY. Find a satisfying understanding of the Stories woven through your live experiences that are dictating your decisions and attitudes.