Family Therapy

How is your family designed?

My interest in families is inclusive of all families, immediate families, extended families, blended families, families of origin, families of choice.

In Family Therapy theory, the family is a system (collection of people) that has the capacity for change. Hence the mobile as my logo. As in the mobile, movement within a family is the essence of its design. Movement of one part of the mobile coming from inside the family, causes movement in the entire mobile. Disruption from outside of the mobile demanding change, also causes movement.


Movement within the family mobile signifies change.

A family’s  journey is influenced by many factors that cause change:

  • The dynamics and structure of the family changing or remaining static.
  •  Choices individuals within the system make (to divorce, have a child).
  • Outside forces (such as poverty, illness, death).
  • Cultural discourses (messages about what it is to “be a man/woman”, racial beliefs, media presentations about the “perfect body size or shape”).
  • Pathologizing or constraining life stories taught in families (abuse, violence,unproductive communication styles).

Family therapy liberates and empowers families,couples, and individuals to navigate

the sea of change to provide ease.

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