Marriage & Pre-Marriage

Our relationships are what we create them to be.   A relationship exist because we have came together with another person to create something new in our life.  We then name it a friendship, a marriage, a commitment, an engagement, and begin developing dreams and hopes for it.   The relationship grows strong as we invest in it.  That investment often requires a place of setting aside what we want, what our partner might want, to develop an awareness of what would benefit “the relationship”.  As a separate entity, with its own unique existence, created by the individuals in it, the relationship remains dependent upon its creators for its needs.  The health, peace, anxiety, future of the relationship is totally dependent upon the persons in it.  Their choices as separate individuals and as a couple, impact on the relationship and its livelihood.

Often the focus in couple therapy is on persons learning what their partner needs or wants, doesn’t want or need. That focus challenges them to learn how to communicate and understanding each other.  The view of couple therapy presented here introduces a shift of focus.  The focus rests on “the relationship” as the separate entity it is, understanding its condition, its needs. There is a consideration of steps the individuals might take to improve the condition of the relationship and meet its needs.  The intentions of the people in the relationship become focused on the relationship’s needs which are separate from but reliant upon the individual’s need.

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