Narrative Therapy Founders

An expression of recognition and gratitude
to my teachers for their wisdom and contribution to my profession.











Michael White, a social worker and family therapist of Adelaide, Australia, and David Epston of Auckland, New Zealand, began collaborating in the 1980’s to create what is now called Narrative Therapy.

“Epston and White organized their therapy practice around the idea of a multistoried version of life (of what a story/problem-story can mean).  This therapeutic concept afforded them the flexibility to view persons and problems not as fixed, fossilized,or under one unitary description, theory or label (White & Epston, 1990; White, 2002).  Epston and White also believed that a mulltistoried version of life might include a newly revised re-telling about a person’s and /or group’s past, present, or future (Denborough,2008). For example, in 1974, millions of Americans were deemed healthy (literally) overnight when the diagnostic category homosexuality was erased from the American Psychiatric Associations’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). At that time, the American Psychiatric Association made headlines by announcing homosexuality was no longer a mental illness.”  (Stephen Madigan, 2011).

Both client and therapist are now invited to re-visit, re-name, re-author, re-create, re-vise, through the collaborative process named Narrative Therapy. A new way of healing and starting over —- given to the world of mental health, by Michael White, David Epston, and the ongoing community of Narrative Therapists.