Success Stories

“Julia helped me understand how to “re-author” my life’s narrative during a very turbulent period of personal change. During every session she skillfully raised a question or two that provoked my thoughts for days, weeks and longer. Her therapeutic approach validated my experience, helped me put my fears into perspective, and gave encouragement to my hopes, dreams and desires.  Her counsel was really important for me during a time in which I needed an independent ear, and I value her as a continuing resource.” ~Bill

barn door

“I enjoyed working with Julia. She taught me so much about myself and how my family affected me growing up. I also learned how alcoholism affects your childhood and self esteem. I became a much better person after our work and was much more aware of my feelings.” ~Michele

sands“The death of my son has been unbearable to cope with. Narrative Conversations have helped me process and manage my PTSD in a positive way. Externalizing Fear through therapy and Art, I have been able to put Fear in the back seat and not let it consume my life. Working with Julia has been a wonderful healing process and an ongoing journey.” ~Amy




“When I first started seeing Julia at the time of my divorce, my painful family history dominated my life.  Using narrative therapy, Julia would listen and then ask difficult questions that I didn’t always have the answer to right away. But finding those answers and going through that process, finally made it possible to begin living my own life and focus on myself. Julia helped me move beyond the past and realize I have my own stories that I can instead choose to be my history.” ~Mary